What is my background?

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I have been teaching and practicing energy work, internationally, for almost twenty years.  I have taught classes, and done sessions for clients, in Canada, Great Britain, Japan, the Netherlands, and several places in the United States.  I have trained instructors and practitioners.

Much of what I learned and what I teach comes with no diploma.  Spiritual training is often outside of academia.  It is appropriate to honor one’s most significant teachers; those with whom one worked, over years and years’ time.

My most important spiritual teacher was my Enneagram teacher.  She took a vow of anonymity which I will honor by not naming her.  (She has passed.)  Her influence upon me is significant, and I am grateful. 

I am an unusual Enneagram teacher in that my training was traditional.  Therefore it was extremely rigorous.  My teacher did not ask the same vows of me that were asked of her (anonymity for life, never to publish, and only to work with a select few).  She only asked that I would not speak of the Enneagram publicly until she deemed me ready.  I studied with her for sixteen years, sometimes for hours, daily, before she gave me the go ahead to begin to teach Enneagram studies.  I was already teaching energywork classes at the time, and I began to introduce Enneagram teachings to my advanced energywork students.  This is how I came to combine Enneagram teachings with energywork teachings.  I am very, very lucky to have received a traditional Enneagram training.

I began studying meditation as a way to heal my own consciousness at age 18 by learning Transcendental Meditation, and I have much training in a variety of energy work and meditation methods by now. 

I did community organizing for a decade, and then children’s book illustration for a decade.  During this time I took a variety of spiritual trainings.  Then, in my forties, I began to teach spiritual studies, and I became a practitioner.  The spiritual studies I have undertaken include Kabala, Vipassana, Pleiadian Lightwork, Reiki, Lightbody, Native American shamanism, Flower of Life, Reiki Sechem Reiki, the Enneagram, and more.

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