What is Kabbalah?



Kabala is the study of the sacred symbol the Tree of Life.



There is a lot I could say about this image, but I will keep this article simple, and write more posts over time for those who want more depth.  The Lord's Prayer refers to the Tree of Life.  You may notice that some of the words in this image are in the Lord's Prayer.

There are two trees mentioned in Genesis.  Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and God kicked them out of the garden to prevent them from eating of the Tree of Life.  The Old Testament is a collection of oral tradition stories gathered up over thousands of years, and finally written down.  (This is one reason the Old Testament is filled with contradictions.  Do you think that a non-literate people telling tales of this or that 4,000 years ago would tell the story exactly the same way 2,000 years later?  With this viewpoint, the one held by Talmudic rabbis, and that probably includes Jesus; there are no contradictions.  There is simply the evolution of a culture, and the stories of different times reflecting the viewpoint of a people at those different times.)

All sacred symbols are multilevel, and there are at least three maps within the Tree of Life symbol, which are of import in the training I teach.  One map is of how God created form out of formlessness.  Another is a map of the dimensions.  Another is the western human chakra system.  All of these require pages and pages to explain.  The Kabalic Tree is the foundation of all western mystical systems.  Western astrology and tarot both are based on the Tree.

I know that by putting this image on my website I make it available to anyone who wants to download it.  It is MY artwork, and the internet is filled with people who take things without asking.  So I give it away in advance; that way I won't worry about internet theft.  I simply ask for a feely given gift in return; I ask that you credit me as the artist and as a spritual teacher of Kabballa.  I can prove it's my artwork becuase I have the original.  I do NOT allow anyone to make money off of it without notifying me and getting permission.  It is NOT public domain becuase I am alive.  If you ignore my request, the karma is yours.  If you honor my request, I thank you for your willingness to share

Anyone who is studying Kabbala who would like to download the graphic  just to use it in private meditation; you are most welcome to do so.

.  —Bryna